Home Sweet Home

Well we are home.  To the best of our ability, we are trying to get back to “normal.”  Ethan is still on bed rest for the next two days.  But it beats a hospital bed on any day.


We are still a bit frustrated.  We are considering a second opinion, but that means either going to into DC or up to The Johns Hopkins in Baltimore.  They have suggested we join a Spina bifida support group since Ethan’s syndrome is closely associated with SB.  It would be nice to have other parents to chat with. 


I am somewhat dreading church and work.  With all the time I have taken off, the cat is out of the bag.  That means I will have to tell the same story 90X and suffer the “oh you poor bastard” look.  I know people mean well, but I would just as soon write about this and then put it behind me.


On another front, Ethan’s birthday is Monday.  He is turning the big 5.  I cannot believe it.  I am surprised how much I enjoy being a father.  When Jenn was pregnant, I was terrified of the awesome responsibility we had taken on.  I was especially frightened by having a son.  My father and I never quite connected.  (they put him on another mail route shortly after I was born…just kidding)  I was worried that we would like totally different things.  But from what I can tell (I am still new at this), if you spend time with your kid, they develop the same interests you have.  Who knew? 


I know my dad was really disappointed that I did not become a cop like him.  But I figured out from an early age that being a cop was not a job so much as an all consuming vocation.  It becomes your total identity.  Which is cool, but it does mean sacrificing family time. 


I hope Ethan does not become a test engineer.  All it does is give you a big gut from sitting at a desk all day. 


Anyway he is turning 5.  I am so proud of him.  In spite of all the crap that life has thrown at him in his limited time on Earth, he is a happy well adjusted kid.  He loves technology.  He could run the VCR long before the age of 3.  When he was four he watch me burn a CD.  That was about 300 CDs ago.  This boy has the mix “tape” down to an art.  Anything technological he can master in minutes. 


He also loves numbers.  He could count to 100 by the time he was three.  We were in a Burger King one time in California.  He asked his Grandpa how old he was.  When he said 55, Ethan counted down to 0.  The whole restaurant applauded.  He had just turned 3. 


He also reads.  This is a miracle to me.  I struggled with reading until college.  He reads and comprehends at a very high level.  Unfortunately Jenn and I can no longer spell to have secret conversations while he is in the room. 


His latest obsession is Mario.  We are both trying to rescue the Princess.  It is a kick. 


If only he was tall enough to mow the lawn.


Peace out.

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4 comments on “Home Sweet Home

  1. Ethan sounds like an amazing kid! Great things are in store for him, I’m sure. What incredible intelligence already. I wish he and Zac could play together.

    It is funny about the interests. I told Zac some stories from the Odyssey and now he wants me to read it to him! Go figure.

  2. I’m glad you all are back home and recovering! It is true about kids’ interests and spending time with their parents. Daniel is our reader, just like both his folks… he devours books. At ten, he just finished Tom Sawyer, and did a book report for class. It astounds me. It sometimes works the other way around, too: neither of our kids is at all interested in sports (like their mother, and sort of like their father). We’ve tried to get them into various things, but they really just don’t want to. Unfortunately, like their parents, they’d rather be lethargic and fat…

  3. I have spent many hours falling off cliffs trying to “save the princess”. (Our Russian Box Tortoise’s name is Bowser. We attach spikes to him at holloween. lol ) Our boys are now 17 and 11. There is no greater challenge and no greater honor than being a parent. Like everything in life, it only works when you take it one step at a time and be prepared to change direction with each one. White light hugs from the west for all of you. 🙂

  4. “Happy early Birthday to you…Happy early Birthday to you…Happy early Birthday deaaaaarrrrrr EEEEEttthhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnn…Happy Birthday to you… 😀 (she sings)

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