Miller Time

So I could only think of depressing events to write about my current life, so I decided to go back in the vault.


I have had two friends named Robin Miller thus far in my Earthly journey.  Neither of them is what you would call typical.  My current friend Robin Miller is a software architect.  He rides his bike 15 miles to work, wears shorts even in winter, and insists on wearing dress socks with sneakers.  We call him the professor because he has general knowledge the breadth of which cannot be matched (at least in the engineering world).  Up until recently we ate lunch together every day.  He insists on eating no later than 11:15, so people called our lunch crowd Grandpa’s Lunchtime Jamboree.  He also plays the Organ in his Presbyterian Church and loves Metalica.  We also tease him because he is the most effective debater we know.  How?  He is long winded and filibusters people into submission.  He always gets his way.


The other Robin Miller was no less an odd bird.  She was short and squat and she had a mullet.  She rode a Harley and was extremely opinionated.  In spite of being “big boned” she was a great athlete, extremely bright and witty.  We dated off and on and off and on.  She was one of the always the life of the party.  Everybody loved hanging out with Robin because she was like a female John Belushi. 


We used to go to an Art Cinema called the Nickelodeon.  One night, quite by “accident,” we went on lesbian cinema night.  She got a lot of attention.  As it turns out, a couple of years later, I found out that Robin had come out of closet.  Who knew?  I must have missed the signs.  LOL


All this to say if you meet a Robin Miller, get to know them.  If you meet more than one, so much the better.

By Ben Posted in Life

10 comments on “Miller Time

  1. Well Robin Miller the second sounds interesting, but I remember Robin Miller the first via your sufferings, and I think I’d give her a miss. You were less than stable for that entire time. Ok, more unstable than usual.

  2. lol…some day I will be committed and you will probably say to yourself, “Ben has been institutionalized. We never saw the signs. Who knew?”

  3. I have a Miller story! Wherever we’ve lived – Reedsport, Creswell and now Portland – there’s been a William Miller. In Reedsport, he went to our church in Coos Bay. He was a nice but highly allergic, nerdy high school student who tried to get into Moody but ended up in the Navy. In Creswell, he was an older guy, 40ish, who was on the worship team but couldn’t sing a note (the sound people actually turned his mic off and he knew it) but loved God. He was loud and obnoxious and one time asked me if my teeth were real. The last was about my dad’s age, 60ish, a Christian and a co-worker at Aspen. He got saved in his 30s out of a hippie, doping lifestyle, with a radical conversion. He’s a bit averse to work but one of the kindest, most loving people I’ve met.
    I look forward to my next William Miller.

  4. I’ve known several Eric Smiths and I’ve not liked any of them. The most recent was dubbed by Claire “Callous Boy”… don’t ask…

    I’ve also known several Robins and none of them are normal. I think it has to do with the bird names. I knew an Oriole who was an absolute nutcase (think Phoebe on ‘Friends’). Knew a Lark once, too; she was 6 foot 4 inches tall, and dumb as a post.

  5. It just occured to me that I know three Ken Browns. Two are unremarkable, the other is afraid of clowns.

  6. Unfortunately, I was one of two Mark Lillys known when I pastored a small church in Kentucky. One of us was a pastor and the other perpetually found himself in jail due to bouncing checks and/or public intoxication. On a regular basis I would write a check at a store and they would see my name. They would have to call the bank to make sure it was fine.

  7. Like Brian, I know half the Robin Millers you know Ben. Don’t need to know anymore. Ben I too dated a girl that afterward came out of the closet. It shook my confidence level let me tell you.

  8. Ben had that affect on women. But overall I think that is a compliment. I mean, think about it, after dating most of us, they say, well, he was a loser, but there have to be others out there that are better. But after dating you and Ben they said, well, I think it doesn’t get any better than that as far as men are concerned, so I think I’ll try something different. At least if I were you that is what I would tell myself!
    I don’t think I have a persistent name that follows me around, I feel sort of left out. I do know that I always seem to like guys named Kevin, with one notable exception, and I found out later that wasn’t his real name, he’d given it to himself, so then I felt better. I like Bens too, though they are few and far between.

  9. Nicholas Robinson is the name of two people in my small town, and we are no relation. The other is my daughter’s age. They even went on a date once. How Freudian is that? Oh well. I still get calls from collection agencies looking for him, calls from young girls, etc. I have come to know more about this young man over the years, than he would probably like for me to share. d:c) His dad attended high school with me, though he was in a younger class. It’s one of those reminders about the grace of God.

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