2nd X’s a Charm

This morning, I was following my normal daily routine.  I had just gotten out of the shower, combed my hair, and I was about to shave.  While I am getting ready in the morning, I sometime try and think about something to blog about.  Today was no different, but I was having a hard time coming up with anything.


Then I took a handful of shaving cream rubbed it between my hands and put it in my hair.  Ugh!  Menthol hair…not moose.  Wash…Rinse…comb…add shaving cream…wash…rinse.


My dad claims to have once put Preparation H on a toothbrush.  I am not sure if that really happened or if it was folklore, but the shaving cream thing really did happen to me today. 


Have you had any morning routine mishaps? 

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9 comments on “2nd X’s a Charm

  1. I’m glad I don’t rub things in my hair, or who knows what might end up there. lol I’m so used to being barefoot that on more than one occassion, I’ve been dressed in my nursing uniform and getting into the car to leave for work, only to realize…I didn’t have any shoes on. (I’ve had dreams of having to wear surgical shoes covers over my bare feet to hide the fact that I had no shoes. Must be a bizarre nurse stress thing.) 😛

  2. Back in the day, my dad and I used Brilcream in our hair (when I had hair). One morning when I went to brush my teeth, I grab the tube, smeared it on my toothbrush and within moments realized that a *little dab* was too much and quickly spit it out.

    My daughter Hannah’s favorite story is this one though. Several months ago we had BLT’s for dinner one night. Now when Kim cooks bacon she does it in the oven on a cookie sheet. However, to do it this way you have to drain the grease every so often. Kim uses an old mason jar or mayo jar, something like that. Anyway we ate our BLT’s and we were drinking Vernors (a brand of ginger ale, Kim’s favorite). I finished and got up but was still thirsty (downing several BLTs will do that to you). So I got up to put my plate in the sink and I spied a can of Vernors on the counter, I picked it up and it felt about half full and I figured it was the left over can of one of the girls drinks, so I put it too my mouth and tilted it back to slam the rest of the can to quinch my BLT induced thirst, anticipating the crisp, clean, cold, tingle of a good ginger ale. Within half a second I knew something was wrong. Instead of the crisp, clean, cold, tingle of a good ginger ale, I tasted the warm, sludgy taste of bacon grease as it filled my mouth. The next few moments had me bent over the kitchen sink, spitting, spewing and washing my mouth out with hot water and laughing at myself at the same time. Come to find out Kim couldn’t find her favorite jar to use (we had just moved and things were still “lost”) so she used an empty Vernors can.

    Then there were the NUMEROUS times growing up that I would pick up my dads can of beer that was almost completely empty to drink the rest of it, only to find that he put our his cigarette in it.

    There you go hows that Ben, three for the price of one!

  3. Tamara, sounds like me and coats. I hate wearing coats. Sometimes in the winter I will walk out of the house in shirt sleeves and catch a burst of cold air. But most times I just think, eh why bother and continue whatever I am doing.

    Tim, I fail to see how drinking bacon grease is a bad thing. It is like BLT concentrate.

  4. LOL omg …I think I’m going to be sick! Tim, that reminds me of the time when I was little girl I took a sip from my mom’s glass of what I thought was milk. It was buttermilk. ewwww. But Verners…I love Verners !!!! Unless of course it’s BLT concentrate in disquise 😛

  5. OK, I am imagining the sound effect from the Six Million Dollar Man. do do do do…I would think it would make your eyes even more powerful.

  6. Mine is simple. I keep putting the hand towel back on its rack, not especially near the sink because of poor design in the 1970s, and then have to walk a few steps over to retrieve it for something else. On a bad morning I’ll do this up to three times. My brain doesn’t work well until I’ve been up for two or more hours. So far, the only one shampoo mishap and that was with body wash–almost the same category.

  7. I remember the sister of a certain someone accidentally rubbing her eyebrow while nairing her legs. But she looked good with one eyebrow. Really.
    Praise God you grabbed the shaving cream and not your wife’s nair.

  8. That’s right! My sister accidentally put Nair on her Eyebrow. She had swooping bangs for much of her senior year of HS. LOL

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