So unfortunately I have some news.  It appears that Ethan has developed a hole in the membrane surrounding his spinal cord and he is leaking spinal fluid.  The hole is most likely at the surgery site.  It is not life threatening and he is not in pain.  But he does have a cyst the size of a clementine where his surgery scar is. 


He is getting an MRI next week to measure the extent of the issue.  If the hole is too big, which appears to be the case, they will have to do a follow-up surgery.  Ugh!  If it is small enough, it may resolve itself, but given that it just keeps getting bigger, I am not too optimistic.

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8 comments on “News

  1. Oh, Ben, you all have been through so much. We will keep praying, thanks for the update.
    With all that is going on with Lee, I just keep thinking of James 1:
    Consider it all JOY my brothers when you encounter diverse trials, knowing that the testing of your faith works patience. But let patience have her perfect work, that you may be perfect and entire, lacking nothing.
    It is so hard, it is no fun, but it is worthwhile, for both you and Ethan. I’m sorry. I wish there were an easier way.

  2. It is kind of Par for the course. This is more annoying than scary.

    Yesterday in the car Ethan told me he liked being at Fairfax Hospital (he must have forgotten the whole pain thing). The hospital is an adventure. You get to watch TV all day and people wait on you hand and foot. What is not to love?

  3. Poor little guy! Poor Mommy and Daddy! We are praying for you guys! (I didn’t know how big/what a clementine is either!)

  4. We are all very sorry to hear that!! I will definately add him to our churches prayer chain!! I understand how annoying it could be, but on a different plain. Hugs

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