New Addiction

I have nothing profound to say today.  Yeah right like I ever do!?


I have always admired people who could do crossword puzzles.  I am awful at them.  I once watch Judy do a crossword (I want to say it was on a plane, but I can’t imagine that being right?)…anyway she was filling it in as fast as I could read the clues.  I always thought I had a decent vocabulary, but I have never completed a crossword, ever.


So about a year ago, the paper started carrying Sudoku.  It is a number puzzle.  Jenn was the first addict in our family, but now I am hooked too.  Numbers I get.  Now I can waste Sunday afternoons just like everyone else.

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6 comments on “New Addiction

  1. I consider myself of normal intelligence, and I can do the majority of many crossword puzzles, but I CANNOT do a Sudoku without cheating! I am a dunce!

  2. My kids suduko and word finds and crossword puzzles. I just don’t get it. I have tried them all, most I can do, but they aren’t any fun. I guess that I had so many in school (suduko reminds me of number problems in linear algebra, matrices etc.) that I just can’t stand them. I would rather clean the chicken house.

  3. I’m with you, Kevin… it suduko reminds me of math problems, and the type of homework I have to help my kids with. I’d rather do a crossword, or puzzle. I love computerized jigsaw puzzles, and though I enjoy doing them offline, it’s too much of a mess and the kids or cats end up losing pieces.

    Ben… did you mean Judy Brown or Judi (me?)… if it helps, we once had the same flight back from a PF workshop in SoCal…

  4. That was it! You were doing a crossword from an airline magazine. I just could not remember WHY we were on a plane together (beyond our clandestine rendezvous that we promised never to speak of). LOL

  5. Tim, as a completer of many cobbler-stained puzzles, I can say that this is a difficulty that can be overcome with diligence.

    Solving SuDoKu puzzles seems to have little to do with any “high” math that I can see. I’m more than occasionally blinded to the math that surrounds me, though. Substitute letters if that helps. It seems more like a pure logic puzzle that does not depend on vocabulary. d:c)

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