Me again

I saw the movie “Weather Man” this weekend.  I thought I had heard every dirty word in the dictionary, but apparently not.  They used the term *Camel Toe*.  This slang term somehow missed my attention.  I laughed so hard I almost fell of the couch.  Especially since this term was explained by Michael Cane.  Funny thing is, Jenn had heard of it before!


Neener neener neener, I have the purer mind.  Scary huh?

By Ben Posted in Life

6 comments on “Me again

  1. Well, I’d admit it if I know. I racked my brain, and I thought I’d heard them all. I assume it is some sort of reference to gentalia, but I can’t figure out what looks like a camel’s toes? A camel’s humps maybe.
    The problem is, I am afraid to ask.
    Tim, you are apparently just a bigger perv than the rest of us.

  2. I only know cuz Brian looked it up on Wikipedia after he saw Ben’s blog (but before I did), and then he (Brian) had to tell me. So I was pure, but Brian defiled me…

  3. a good site to go to to learn some slang is

    I’m amazed how many people have never heard of camel toe. I assumed everybody knew what it was, except for the elderly and young children.

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