Harvest Ben

I had another great weekend.  This seems to be a trend.  I like it.

Saturday we went to Lake Fairfax, pictures are in my folder.  It was a thoroughly nice time.  They build a boardwalk around part of the lake.  We took a casual stroll and Ethan threw rocks in the water.

Ethan was having some pain last week associated with our “plumbing procedure.”  On a whim over the weekend I wondered if this could be because of increased sensation in that whole area.  I did a less invasive version of our normal routine and guess what?  He seems to have better control of his bowels.  I was just a tad bit encouraged.

Ethan and I also made Mother’s day cards and bought flowers.

Sunday was a really great day.  Our pastor just got back from Africa.  He gave a sermon on making small contributions.  Someone asked him given the overwhelming desolation in Africa if anything makes a difference.  His response was that if we give up, we are saying God is not big enough.  His text was Jesus’ illustration of the mustard seed.  Our small contributions may seem meager, but we never know when one of our small steps is going to have a huge impact.  I felt like I was in the crosshairs.  I scaled back my commitment level at church this year because I was feeling overwhelmed our medical behemoth.  Basically now all I do is serve as Church Council Secretary.  But I really feel like there is something more I can do.  I have put out some feelers.  There are so many opportunities in my area.  More to come.

We went out to lunch for Mother’s day.  We went to Olive Garden.  The food was OK.  But I got to have my favorite dessert, Chocolate Lasagna.  I think it is made in the hereafter and somehow transported back to Earth.  So that was a big help to my ever increasing girth, but hey it was delicious.

Jenn and I had an interesting conversation last night.  Why doesn’t our Moon have a name?  All the other planets have moons with names.  Why doesn’t ours?  I think we should call it Ben.  Harvest Ben.  Full Ben.  No Ben.  LOL Sometimes I am astounded by my own humility.

That is about it.  Over and out.

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9 comments on “Harvest Ben

  1. The moon does have a name – Luna. Not just from Bear in the Big Blue House either; it’s really named that. It’s scary the stuff Daniel knows.


  2. In the dark of the Ben, some teenagers were drinking Benshine and started Benning random passers-by. Shall we call those kooks in Oregon, Bennies? Will newlyweds really want to go on HoneyBen’s? How about Debussy’s “Claire de Ben?” Perhaps we’d better think about this some more. d:c)

    Blue Ben of Kentucky, keep on shinin’

  3. Maybe we can name the *dark* side of the moon after Ben. Takes a really long time to say that whole long album title if you’re on something.


  4. Hmmm the CCR song becomes “Theres Bad Ben On the Rise”
    What about “The Man in the Ben” :/
    Cher’s movie becomes “Ben-struck”
    And that would mean we “landed a man on the Ben”
    The we would also have to answer the age old question, “is Ben was made out of cheese?” 🙂

  5. Picture George Bush saying “We need to return to Ben”, “We need to colonize Ben (move over fleas).” Astronauts would say, Ben there done that.
    Hmm, my mom’s favorite old song would be “by the light of the silvery Ben”, I guess it would be the pasty white Ben though. Ben over Miami.
    Wonder what the Latin translation of Ben would be? Luna is Latin, for moon, and also Italian; and the Spanish, not being very creative, also use it.
    I’m going to Ben’s house for the weekend, maybe I can have a good one too!
    The cow jumped over the ben. Shine on Harvest Ben. Ben Pie. Wolves howling at the Ben. A Benar eclipse? Shoot for the Ben?

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