Hats Off

I bought another lawnmower over the weekend.  Why do we do it?  It is nuts.  But we keep doing it, mowing.  Why?!  We grow grass.  We cut grass.  It grows again.

Isn’t there a better way to spend 2 hours of every summer weekend?  I mow.  I trim.  I sweep.  I ooze snot and get dehydrated. 

I am crazy.  There is no other explanation.

By Ben Posted in Life

8 comments on “Hats Off

  1. It is such a terrible trap, I have the same problem! Although with all the rain on the weekends, darn it I can’t mow. hehehehe But then I end up painting something inside the house, 😦

  2. We should all move to Cal. City, where our worst allergy problem is when we mow the sand in our yard.

    Scratch that – let’s NOT move there.


  3. It’s a collective insanity. Lawn should be mowed for the sole purpose of playing sports, otherwise left to grow. It’s just a matter of changing a cultural standard. Maybe with gas prices going through the roof people will try to save a buck by cutting back on cutting. Have fun with your lawn this weekend. 🙂

  4. MOVE TO CAL CITY???? NOOOOOO, not that! I left there and I ain’t going back. BTW the sage-brush pollen out there is a killer, nasty little thing.

  5. Brian’s dad moved to Arkansas so that he could grow grass, but I’m pretty sure he doesn’t use a mower on it.

  6. Lawns are one of the most ignored and one of the most environmentally unconscionable fads of the past couple of centuries. Still, my yard is mowed, weeded, fertilized, watered, etc, for the sensitivities of my neighbors. Who could plot a more sinister, capitalistic, consumption-oriented scheme?

  7. Maybe you should buy a goat. Then your grass would stay short. Just be careful not to step in the stink piles.

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