Pigs and Mumps

Over the weekend, Ethan, my buddy Stephen and his two kids worked on a couple of movies.  We finished up the shooting of “Three Little Pigs.”  I should have something slapped together this week. 


The other movie we are making is “Mumps.”  I find this movie hilarious even though its creator has something else in mind.  Stephen’s son Madden is a genius…no really…he has been tested.  Anyway he heard on the news that kids in Ohio were coming down with the mumps.  Madden decided he wanted to shoot a public service announcement so that kids would be sure to get their vacination shots.  He practically begged me to help him make a movie.  It sounded pretty boring until we started taping it.  My challenge is to make something hilarious while convincing Madden that it actually is a “public service announcement.” 


I feel up to the challenge.


Actually yesterday I was reviewing the raw footage and I was laughing my head of just because kids have “issues” when it comes to following directions.  The out-takes are definitely keepers.  It took about 15 takes to get Mae Leigh, Stephen’s other kid, to say, “I don’t want a shot.”  She kept saying, “Mr. Ben, a little shot would be OK.”  LOL…STOP TRYING TO PLEASE ME. 


Anyway, the weekend was a riot.  If you don\’t already have kids, go out and make some.

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5 comments on “Pigs and Mumps

  1. Except you, Craig. You can borrow ours, and some duct tape so they don’t jump on all your furniture.


  2. Oh look …I was so surprised I was surprised twice ..:P…It’s a great idea!!! Public service with a smile. Unfortunately most of the people comming into this country and those choosing not to vaccinate thier children probably won’t be listening. But we can still be entertained. Have fun !!! 😀

  3. Craig is a bachelor friend of ours that goes into convulsions at the sight of children. And personally, I think he needs at least a half dozen! LOL

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