The Making of Ben

I love odd trivia, especially when it involves one of my favorite subjects, me.  Like how many Chicken Mc Nuggets have I consumed?  How many times have I been in public and one of my friends were just feet away, but I never knew?  How many times have I brushed someone off when we could have developed a close friendship?  When should I have taken a risk?  When have I risked too much?  What do people say about me when I am not in the room?  How am I really perceived by others?


Several years back, Albert Brookes did a movie called “Defending Your Life.”  In it, the protagonist is in heaven’s “waiting area”.  It is kind of like a resort.  Everyone goes there for a week after they die and a committee reviews your life with you to determine your placement in the afterlife.  During off hours you can visit attractions like The Past Life Pavilion and see what you were like in previous incarnations. 


Extending that thought, I hope part of heaven is reviewing old “game” footage and answering nagging questions.  Not just to uncover odd trivia about my life, but truly understand what it meant to be me.  Did I squander my life or did live up to my potential.


I guess what I am asking for is a Tivo box of my life or the second bonus DVD of the “Making of Ben.”

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5 comments on “The Making of Ben

  1. lol…well of course, this leads me to burst into song, since, according to me “it’s all in a song”…(so she does)…”and in the end…the love you take…is equal to the love you make…” 🙂

  2. Oh my goodness, what a horrifying thought. I dearly hope no one reviews my life. Overall, I am pretty much a pathetic failure as a Christian and father and husband and human being. Just the thought of being weighed in the balance on my own merits makes me cold.

  3. There’s a premise for a book. Hollywood generally portrays the person on Judgment Day as grieved at seeing his/her life on TiVo. Desiring to review our lives for missed opportunities, mistakes, etc. would be a fresh approach.

    I enjoyed that movie, and generally like Albert Brooks’ work. I hope that God has far more grace for me than I have had for others at times.

  4. The out takes alone could provide an eternity of comedy.

    I can’t wait to see “Surfaces Ben has left a booger on.”

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