Faux Pet

Ethan got a new toy today from our pharmacist today.  It is called the Perfect Petzzz.  Basically it is a fake dog in a pet bed.  All it does is lay there and pretend to breath and sleep.  The thing creeps me out.  It has a motion detector so every time I go into the living room, it starts “breathing.” 


I am sure there is an undocumented *kill* command.  If I perish in the next couple of days, it was not an accident.

By Ben Posted in Life

13 comments on “Faux Pet

  1. My mom’s Pharmasist told her she owed him $3,100.00 for her next dose of Neupegen. (which she needs to keep her WBC up while on Chemo.) I’m told we can thank our “noble” commander in chief for that one.

  2. Sleep and breathe? That’s totally unrealistic. No wonder you’re scared. Sleep, breathe, and fart occasionally? THAT’S a realistic dog.


  3. The pharmacist? Yeah, I would definitely be afraid. The only thing worse would be if it came from the dentist.
    It probably won’t kill you though, it will just give off funes to make you addicted to expensive over the counter drugs.
    It’s all about the money.

    Tamara, tell your money to send the bill to Dubya!

  4. What the heck was I thinking?

    Tamara tell your MOM to send the bill to Dubya! He can pay the money. The only thing I do worse than type is think!

  5. The pharmacist LOVES US! We are on a first name basis with all of them. My co-pays are $500-$600 a month. God only knows what they really make off us.

  6. Ben, I hear that!! Thank God I have Medi-Cal. I figured that, after seeing some of my hospital or not seeing most of them, I would owe over $2k. Insurance is nice! Now what do I hear about Social Security And Medi- care being none existent in a few decades…uh oh speghetti o’s.

  7. Snow…lol good idea…even when thinking 😛 …Jess, my mom has Kaiser and Medicare…we can give thanks to our almighty leadership for this one…Ben, I say let the dog “breath”…look how it’s entertained us all, albeit in a twighlight zone way…we can give thanks to the omition of the odiferous ( how ever you spell it) technology…(she quietly sits down to a plate of cobbler) 😛

  8. What happens when the batteries die? Do you tell the family that it is now living happily on a farm in the country?

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