Entry for April 26, 2006 8:00 PM

Tonight is my night off.  I am going to bed as soon as I complete this entry.

Pain management continues to be a struggle, though we are making small strides.

I blew up at the insurance company this morning.  It was probably NOT the right time to get into a confrontational situation.   But the matter has resolved itself.  Not a WWJD moment.  I will mend fences next week.

We are crossing our fingers for going home tomorrow.  It all depends on how tonight goes.  Pray that Jenn gets some sleep.

Thanks again.


By Ben Posted in Life

4 comments on “Entry for April 26, 2006 8:00 PM

  1. Your stress level is high, your not rested, and your friends understand. Jesus is your friend. Even Job got angry and God blessed him abundantly. Besides, some of these corporate monstrosities like insurance companies don’t understand anything but threats. We’ll just call them scribes and Pharisees for right now. d:c) Matthew 23:33

  2. May the God of Heaven’s healing virture flow over Ethan and that his pain would cease, that he would be able to go home in the morning, may He grant you and Jenn rest and peace this night. My you all have a sense of His comfort, a sense of His arms enfolding around you all and may He give you whatever strength, rest and grace you need.

    Oh and I don’t think yelling at insurance companies is a sin. In fact I think I read somewhere, “Thou shalt chastise the bringers of insurance. Whatever you do, don’t give them any cobbler!

  3. Sleep well, yeller at insurance agents. Like that’s a *bad* thing. Large bureacracies must be cajoled into action from time to time.

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