Entry for April 24, 2006 3:19

Just getting a snack in the cafeteria. Ethan is out of recovery an in a regular room! He is doing remarkable. He was watching his new video and soaking up all the extra attention. God is so good. But being in the hospital reminds me how lucky we are. Ethan’s room is in the cancer ward. We are extremely fortunate, that while he has multiple medical issues, for the most part they are quality of life and not life threatening. If you think about it tonight, send up a prayer for those who are less fortunate.

Thanks again for all your prayers!


By Ben Posted in Life

One comment on “Entry for April 24, 2006 3:19

  1. Kids bounce back so quickly. I’m not right for a whole day or two after general anesthesia. Certainly not enough attention to enjoy TV. Praise God for blessing us with an uneventful surgery. May God grant him a speedy recovery, and of course, may God heal and be with those who are ill beyond our ability to comprehend.

    Thanks for the updates.

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