Testing one, two, three

I took Ethan in for his pre-operative tests yesterday.  He had an elevated white blood cell count.  There are several reasons this could be, including the astronomical pollen count, the allergy shot he got that morning, or the fact that he was crying.  We have to take him to the pediatrician tomorrow to have his lungs checked.  If he has any sign of an infection, they will scrub the surgery and we will have to get in the queue again.

I am feeling anxious about the surgery, but mostly I am OK.  I can tell I am stressed though because I am snapping at people more and swearing like a sailor.  This too will pass.  At this point I just hope the surgery is not cancelled. 

We will just have to wait.

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9 comments on “Testing one, two, three

  1. Ethan, you, and your family are being lifted up in prayer here in Missouri. May God guide the hands and minds of the doctors and nurses as well.

    Now, go get the soap, young man! d:c)

  2. And the delegates from the great State of California, home of redwood trees and flabby old governors will send our petitions heaven-ward as well.
    jac: & BJC

  3. Another California-based prayer, this one with authentic Methodist credentials. And keep swearing. As Mark Twain said, it provides a relief not even prayer provides.

  4. A prayer is being lifted up for all of you in Alabama. By the looks of the other entries, your family is well covered across the nation.

  5. Thanks everyone. I will have my blackberry with me at the hospital. I am sure I will send updates. Most hospital stays involve hours and hours of nothing to do, so I am sure to be looking for an outlet.

    I really appreciate all the prayers. Recent miraculous events have served to further convince me that prayer does make a difference. Thanks for being a part of my extended family.

  6. Well, better late than never, the Colorado contingent will be praying too.
    I’ll get the girls on it, God likes them a lot!

    Take care my friend, let me know if you need anything at all.

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