Tree Museum

Jenn went to church tonight.  I went last night.


I went on a nice walk in a park near my house.  Nature for the most part in my area of the planet is called landscaping.  There is one nature park near our house.  I call it the Tree Museum in honor of Joni Mitchell’s song, \”Big Yellow Taxi.\”  I snapped some photos of my walk.  They are on my photo share.


Jenn let me have a couple of hours to myself, so I hiked back a bit.  I sat on a rock and read the Morning Office.  The birds were chirping, the frogs were croaking.  I heard a woodpecker, but I could not find him.  This would be a perfect outdoor sanctuary were it not for the constant background drone of Dulles Airport.  Only one plane flew overhead, but you can still hear the engine noise of other planes.


I reflected a bit on the crucifixion.  When I worked at Northwest University, one of the professors had done his dissertation on crucifixion.  The Mel Gibson movie has nothing on the description he gave during one chapel service.  One aspect of crucifixion I was not aware of was that criminals were always stripped naked to be crucified.  Typically the convicted were never removed from the cross.  They were left to rot and be eaten by birds and wild dogs.  Jesus’ burial was truly an exception.  I do find it interesting that all artwork of the crucifixion have Him wearing a loincloth.  To me some of the humiliation and mockery is lost with this simple concession to “decency.”


Yet I am absolutely sure that the physical and emotional pain was nothing compared to taking on that which is totally opposite to His nature.  It must have been like drowning. 


I sign off to consider my own part in this disgusting event.

By Ben Posted in Life

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