Judas Priest

There seems to be a lot of hype in the media over the recent translation of the Gnostic gospel Judas.  I personally have not read the translations, but reports say that it paints Judas in a much more favorable light.  In a nutshell, Jesus asks Judas to “get the ball rolling” with the crucifixion. 


I guess I never really saw Judas as a villain.  Really, what he did was no better or worse than what Peter did.  The whole point of the thing was that in the canonical gospels + Acts, he never asked for forgiveness.


Anyway, I never really though that Judas wanted to “off” Jesus.  I always assumed he was hoping to provoke “the revolution.”  It makes sense to me.  You come marching into town the week before and people are treating you like royalty.  Then nothing happens.  The Romans more or less ignore him until Judas stirs the pot.  This is TOTAL speculation on my part, but I think Judas was hoping Jesus would finally start “kicking hinnie and taking names.”


Judas for all his problems does bring about one of my favorite Bible moments.  CSI Jerusalem (squishy noises and all). 


What do you think?

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4 comments on “Judas Priest

  1. It is hard for us to know what he was thinking, but I would not have a problem with the idea of him thinking he was provoking a revolution of sorts. However, there are indications from some of the canonical gospels that he was a bit of a scoundrel when it came to money at least. And think of this, if it was all about the revolution for Judas, why did he take the money from the Sanhedrin?

  2. Boats…Tim…he needed boats.

    Good point, I could speculate further but dark clouds are already forming over my head. LOL

  3. In my humble opinion (which means I know I am right and could never be wrong) Okay…maybe once in a while…I think he was trying to force Christ to play his cards. If you have ever played poker with someone that thinks too long it can get obnoxious. Maybe Judas had thought Jesus had spent enough time with the cards in his hands…it was time to play.

  4. I have to agree somewhat with you Mark, Judas was probably tired of waiting for Jesus. I do believe that God placed him there at the right time, maybe as an example of how greed gets a hold of one spiritually. Or maybe just on planly stating that forgiveness is granted to all as long as we ask it. I sometimes wonder what Judas would have become if he just asked. He obviously realized what he had done. We should just wait for CSI Jerusalem when we get to Heaven.

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