Booster Seat

So over the weekend there were some exciting developments.  Ethan got to move up from a car seat to a booster seat.  He has been chattering about it for a couple of weeks now.  Jenn and I were in no particular hurry.  We waited until payday rolled around. Ethan on the other hand has spoken of little else since it was first mentioned. 


Ethan had very specific ideas about the color of this new seat.  It had to be red.  We tried to explain that safety was the important thing.  But apparently being safe is not as important as looking cool. 


We went to hell on earth first (Wal-Mart).  We found a tan booster that met with our specifications, but of course they did not have any in stock, just the display model. 


Ethan was nun too pleased that we were walking out empty handed.  Later that night we were driving by Babies-R-Us and decided on a whim to check it out.  It was providence.


It was as if a light shined down from heaven.  It was safe, it was cheap, it was cool, and most of all it was red!  That night during bedtime prayers, Ethan thanked God for his new red booster seat.  I decided to let the bad theology slide and just grinned.


Hopefully I am not raising a materialistic super consumer.  But sometimes it is just fun to see your kid get something he has really been wanting. 



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5 comments on “Booster Seat

  1. A warning–booster seats can still be puked on, during long car trips, or overexposure to 10 pounds of cotton candy. Buy two. The cool red one, and the not-so-cool brown one, for when the red one is being laundered.


  2. Hell on earth (Walmart) is a kind term. Have you ever seen a happy person there? 🙂

    On a better note, there is nothing like seeing the eyes of a child light up when they receive something they really desire. You can tell whether it’s just another toy or the coolest thing ever.

  3. “Ethan thanked God for his new red booster seat. I decided to let the bad theology slide and just grinned.”

    That is not bad theology Ben.

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