Good Day Sunshine

Today was just a nice day. I needed a nice day. We woke up promptly at 8:40ish….ah…! I made coffee while Jenn got Ethan his breakfast. Then we sat scissors on the couch, drank coffee and read.

I called my Mom, she had a meeting to go to, and so we could only talk five minutes! I am one lucky guy. I called my sister and we talked a couple of hours.

Then we got ready for the day. We met friends for lunch at Red Robin and had a nice meal. They picked up the check.

We went to Wal-Mart to be good Americans and bought $200 dollars worth of crap encased in plastic.

Then we went to the new church for an orientation tour. Ethan really likes his new Sunday school classroom. It opens onto a playground! The fellowship hall had the new chairs. It is actually a fairly “worshipful” space, for a fellowship hall. Once Brother Bruno and Brother Rocko squeeze more offering out of me and my fellow parishioners, we will build a formal sanctuary. It is a nice place to worship.

Then I went for a haircut. Sally and I chatted about vacation plans as pounds of hair fell away.
Ethan and I are going to play our new Dora video game before dinner. We are going to IHOP.
Some days it is just nice to move at a snails pace and enjoy the human race. I have it really good.

Enjoy your Saturday.

By Ben Posted in Life

2 comments on “Good Day Sunshine

  1. Sounds like most righteous adventure, Ted “Theodore” Logan. Remember–be excellent to each other. And PARTY ON, DUDES!


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