We’re all in our places…

…with bright shinny faces.  Ah, yes it is the annual meeting of the board of trustees.  Time to take down all of those Dilbert cartoons and put the troll dolls in a drawer. For the men of the company we have to make the relatively minor concession of wearing Dockers.  The poor women on the other hand, they have to drag out a pair of hose and put on makeup (somebody call the UN).


It is a funny little shell game we play.  Normally, it is shorts and flip-flops and only a few guys wear makeup.  All this to pay homage to the all powerful board of trustees.  It is a concession I do not mind making, because on any given day, my team kicks hinnie.  We are easily one of the most productive teams in the company with the lowest attrition.  I guess a little window dressing to make the sale is in order. 


Monday morning, like the swallows returning to Capistrano, the troll dolls will make their annual migration back on top of the desks.

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7 comments on “We’re all in our places…

  1. They’re beginning to talk about a dress code at Bethany. As one of those who thinks sweats are acceptable teaching wear, since they do not affect the quality of my lessons, I will be leading the rebellion should this unholy event take place.

  2. OK, I wasn’t allowed to wear shorts on campus when I first started at BU, lest I cause one of my “sisters” to stumble at the sight of my sexy legs. lol

    Sock it to ’em!

  3. We have a fairly loose dress code, no shorts, no tank tops, but worst of all, no baseball caps. (Apparently baseball caps are the real reason for the Enron and Worldcom problems.) But now that we were bought by Nelnet, and have moved to a fancy office, I am afraid that might change. It would be a tragedy. Who can write good code with a tie on?

  4. ok… I had to do a double take… the powder blue tux pictured above looks EXACTLY like the one my date wore to my junior prom (without the top hat and walking stick). And yes, it was the same shade of blue as my dress, but it wasn’t planned. It was the last tux available in his size. He was home on leave from the Navy, and I found out later that he was engaged to and living with a girl at the base where he was stationed in Idaho (even then, I didn’t believe that he was doing nuclear sub training in Idaho… where would they put the sub?) oy vey… I didn’t want that memory back. Thanks a lot!
    As to what I wear to work… currently, I’m still wearing my PJs, even though it’s almost noon. 🙂
    Ben, you’d be surprised at the ways the dress code has changed since the good old days of BBC. But I can honestly say that I’ve never seen a powder blue tux on campus, thank God!

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