I got to work a little later than usual today.  I dropped off my car for an oil change and I had to walk in the last 2 miles.  Not a problem usually, but I am still fighting bronchitis and I sounded like Darth Vader when I got in.


So I am sitting at my desk and I smell something burning.  I did a quick pit check because I started a new stick of deodorant today.  Sniff sniff, nope not me.


I figure someone has burned a bagel in the break room.  Basic toaster protocol is beyond the grasp of the average software engineer.  If it were truly bad, the fire alarm would go off, right?  An HOUR later I get this email.  I am copying verbatim. 


There has been a report of a smoke smell on the 3rd floor. There are alarms as well as elevator interruption.  Feel free to exit the building if you are uncomfortable until the building is cleared.



Mmmm….Yeah, what constitutes comfort?  Ou ou ouch my flesh is on fire, guess I better exit.  My building is only 15 years old.  I guess they don’t build them like the used to.  I still have no clue what was wrong.  We started to evacuate when the fire trucks pulled up, but halfway down the stairs we were stopped and told to return to our offices.  No grafts today, which is a good thing.

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7 comments on “Crispy

  1. I still think you need to get the Swiss army stapler. Who cares if it is 80 bucks, you’re worth it!.

    Funny we had a fire alarm at the hotel I was staying at last week, some woman burned her popcorn, not just a little crispy, we are talking like old testament stuff here, and as everybody was walking out she kept saying “I’m sorry, I’m so sorry” I think I woulda hid. It was tempting to just hang out in the room and hope for the best though, midnight in Toronto is not when you want to go hang around outside your hotel freezing your naynays off.

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