Chapter Closed

Today was the last Sunday in my church’s current building.  We have completed the first phase of our new building program and we are moving in next week.  The final service included a slide show showing all of the great things that have happened in the current facility.


I am acutely aware that of late, that I have not been very involved.  I really have no excuse.  I have just allowed life to consume me of late.  I wish I could look back on my faith walk as one constantly upward moving journey.  But really my entire life has been a series of wild undulations.  I hate the fact that I seem to have bipolar faith.  But I am somewhat comforted by people like Abraham, Peter and David who also had their highs and lows.


There was a cheesy trinket of “Jesus Junk” that was popular a few years ago that said, “Please be patient, God isn’t finished with me yet.”  All though I hate that kind of sentimental crap, I do appreciate the phrase.  I am constantly amazed by God’s willingness to use us despite our unfaithfulness. 


My life needs a spring cleaning to get me back on the upward path.  I’m sure upcoming blogs will deal with my “dusting.”

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8 comments on “Chapter Closed

  1. I’m not very involved in church at all. Sometimes life *does* get in the way…

    Last time we went was last year May, sometime.

    We enjoy our church very much (when we went…). But Judi was working lots of extra hours, and we were all exhausted. Prying ourselves out of bed yet another day of the week, and dressing to the nines, and plopping ourselves down for 2 hours of heard-it-before dogma talks just wasn’t appealing. So we slept in and recharged.

    I honestly think that’s better for the Kingdom of God in the long run. Just think how many people we’d have killed, if we had another obligatory thing going, on another obligatory day of the week.


  2. First, Brian find a church where you don’t have to dress up (unless that is the only way you feel comfortable in church). Personally I like a church where I can show up in comfortable clothes. In fact the last two pastors we have had in the last two churches we have attended have purposefully not worn a tie let alone a jacket.

    I believe ties are of the devil, part of his evil design.

    Second, eat more cobbler!

  3. Do you know of any churches that let you wear your pajamas to service? This is Santa Cruz, so if there is such a church, I guess it would be here…

  4. Mike…Mike whose last name escapes me at the minute. Mike, who’ wife was Irene, they had a surfer church. I doubt they would give anyone a second glance in Pajamas. Surfers would come right off the beach and change in the back of the room. They did hold up towels for modesty. Thompson…sorry. But he moved to Northwest. I relate to your comment though. I no longer fit into my FAT suit. I am too fat for it. I have one massive pair of dockers that still fit. I think I have my own gravitational pull. If you threw a tennis ball at me just right, it would probably fall into orbit.

    Sorry, what was the question?

  5. Mike Thompson. I went to his church for awhile (for all the wrong reasons – it was because I was interested in a girl). He still lives/works in Washington. And Ben? your butt looks ENORMOUS.


  6. Women like men with a big butt, it makes their butt look smaller.

    What’s wrong with going to church because you are interested in a girl?

    I think I could go to my church in my pajamas, if it wasn’t for my wife. If I tried I would be headed to church in the last suit I would ever wear, if you know what I mean.

  7. I don’t wear pajamas….hmmm, now there is a visual you didn’t need!!

    Oh well, eat some cobbler, you will feel better!

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