Soul Food

This weekend Jenn and I attended the Annual Accessibility Summit that is held at a church near our house.  The conference is mostly people giving seminars on the obvious.  Basically giving people permission to use their own common sense when dealing with the issues involved with raising a special needs kid.  The break-out session did not do that much for me this year, but I did get a lot out of the groups worship services.


One speaker in particular, Gene Stallings former Alabama, and Dallas Cowboys Coach really struck a cord.  Not necessarily because of any practical advise, but because he fed my soul.  Two things in particular struck a cord.  First, he shared that shortly after his son was born with Down’s syndrome, he and his wife fell into despair.  He shared that he and his wife knew that they would raise this child, but that they felt they would never be happy again.  Wow…that really resonated with me.  When our son was a couple of months old, I remember thinking I would never laugh again.  Of course that feeling passes.  But when something seemingly insurmountable like family illness strikes, it sure feels that way. 


The other thing he said that I found meaningful was that we are preparing our children to enjoy God for all of eternity.  It is so easy to be myopic when dealing with sickness.  It takes a tremendous amount of faith to remember that our lives are transient.  Even if my son is sick for 100 years, it is nothing.  Zip.  Zero. When compared to the hope.  Hope that God is true and we will spend all of eternity enjoying relationship with Him.

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One comment on “Soul Food

  1. What an amazing truth! One thought I had several times as I was reading this entry was too often we think just because a situation isn’t like we have always dreamed it would be that God is not present. From God’s point of view, we have a far greater chance of experiencing God presence.

    My Uncle raised a severely mentally disabled son. Yes, there were times of discouragement. However, he frequently garnered a beautiful picture of God’s love for us. All of us are imperfect, but still loved.

    I pray God continues to encourage and strengthen your family. Know that a minister in Opelika, Alabama is praying.

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