Mixed Bag

This is a good news bad news blog.  If you tire of my ranting, now is your chance to close out.


Ethan’s Neurology appointment was today.  It was one of those good news bad appointments.  The good news, no great news, I shared a couple of days ago.  His syrinx has totally disappeared.  Now when they told us last week, we assumed that it was just a lucky break.  Little did I realize that it really *was* miraculous.  When we asked if this has ever happened before, the doctor said “It is not entirely without precedent.”  I ask him to clarify and he said that he remembered reading about it once in a medical journal, but it is not really something that happens.  Well in my book that is a miracle.  He showed us the films.  I had always imagined the Syrinix as a little cyst.  In actuality it was a growth that went the length of his spine.  It had grown significantly in the previous 2 MRIs.  And then…it was gone.  Do you hear me?! GONE!


The bad news…and not all that bad…is that his spine is starting to reteather and he will have to have spinal surgery in 6-8 weeks.  It is fairly mild risk as neurosurgery goes.  Hopefully it will improve his mobility and bladder function.  Worst case scenario, it stays the same.  Just pray.  It obviously works.  Pray for the surgery and our family.  Surgery on children is extremely stressful.  We are veterans at this, but even we get freaked out on occasion.  Anyway thanks for reading.  I promise to write something funny soon.

PS…the image is not Ethan\’s syrinx, but his looked just like it.  It is the rope-like structure going up the spine.

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