Ray of Sunshine

We are breathing a sigh of relief today.  This whole week we are getting the results of several tests.  Today was urology.  Thursday is neurology.  Without going into long and exhaustive detail, let me share what we have heard.  Because of his spinal abnormalities, Ethan has some nerve damage in his lower extremities.  As a result, he cannot feel when it is time to pee.  He can go on command, but he never feels the urge to go on his own.  He had a series of tests to see the extent of the damage.  We saw the initial report on Friday.  In that report, a doctor (the hospital physician) had recommended that we begin catheterization, basically inserting a small tube every 2-3 hours to relieve his bladder.  This was not welcome information to say the least. 


But today when we spoke to his regular urologist, he said that catheterization would be a last ditch effort if he was having extreme kidney pressure and frequent infections (he has had none to date).  He did prescribe a new drug (Ditropan).  This brings the grand total to 10 drugs a day.  But a drug was way way way more preferable to an invasive procedure every 2-3 hours.  The doctor did recommend that we get him a watch with a countdown timer to prompt him throughout the day.  No biggie there. 


On the other front, Ethan has/d a small syrinx (tumor) on his spine.  If it grew, there was a possibility that he would loose functionality/mobility over time.  Well the latest MRI showed that is was gone.  Now normally I am too cynical to throw around the word miracle, but I am not quite sure what else to call it.  There was a tumor, it was growing, and then it was gone.  It is funny, I pray all the time.  But I never really expect anything to come of it.  Guess God is not finished with me yet.


We are far from out of the woods.  But at least for today, there is a ray of sunshine.


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6 comments on “Ray of Sunshine

  1. Prayer is a compltely mysterious thing. I guess it’s a sign of faith that we keep participating. Glad to hear about Ethan.

  2. That is such great news about the tumor.

    It realy does seem like God’s hand has moved there.

    Like Craig said, “prayer is a completely mysterious thing.” Is it the faith of the one praying? Is the faith of the one being prayed for? Or is it neither and is all about God’s incredible grace? Is it all three or none of these? Why, what, when and how God’s hand moves for some prayers and seemingly not for others I don’t get. And for every answer I have heard “hallway theologians” give to that question, usually brings up more questions.

  3. For every complex problem there is an answer that is simple, elegant and wrong. (H.L. Mencken said something like that)

    Sometimes it is hard to trust that God really knows what He is doing. I pray for specific things knowing that God will answer those in the way that is best, but I still get frustrated when I get a no, and I still am amazed when I get a yes.
    So glad that some things are good news. I will continue to keep you all in my prayers.
    Oh and congratulations, I think Ethan and Lee are tied now.

  4. Okay, so my prayers seem completely superficial comparatively.

    I prayed for more snow. (I meant on the highway, so I wouldn’t have to go to work, but I failed to be specific enough.) I walked out the door and found that it had snowed: there was one inch of real, honest-to- uhh… well, you know, snow, on the roof of my car, but only my car, and no where else.

    This reminded me that yes, God does hear our prayers. Unfortunately, he also provides ways to get to work.

  5. In the words of California’s illustrious… no, notorious… no, that’s not the right word… nefarious? nosferatu? anyway… as good old Schwartzeneggar (yes, I spelled it wrong on purpose)said in “Kindergarten Cop”: “It’s not a tumah!”

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