Lunch with the Old Men

I just got done with lunch.  I went with what is affectionately called Grandpa’s Lunchtime Jamboree.  It is a bunch of old timers who are watching the retirement clock with great anticipation.  We went to lunch at 11:15 so that we could get the discount at Clyde’s.


There is something to be said for the “Old Timers.”  The do not care about office politics.  They don’t generally work overtime.  And the minute they walk out the door, work is a distant memory.


I think I could learn a lot from them.

By Ben Posted in Life

3 comments on “Lunch with the Old Men

  1. Well, there is something to be said for leaving work at the office. I listen to my coworkers complain about the work they take much time they spend on it and I shake my head. Work is for the office. Home is for family. I try to keep the two seperate. Now, don’t get me wrong…I love my job. But not enough to do it 24/7.

  2. I’ve worked with a few older guys. But I was young enought to just think they’d lost their edge. Not many old guys doing web programming though, I think the oldest guy I work with here is in his 40’s. Maybe I need to hunt up some old guys.
    Hmmm. I am an idiot. I hate my job, but it is always on my mind. I have been called when I am sick, on vacation, even in the emergency room (and they knew I was there. They called twice).

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