Just keep moving…nothing to see

This entry is just an attempt to maintain my sanity.  My job at times is a bit bureaucratic and can suck my will to live.  I need to write something that has little to nothing to do with testing financial aid or recruitment software.


I am staring at my keyboard…picture attached.  It is filthy.  The picture does not do it justice.  You would swear I was a leaper if you had to judge from my keyboard.  It is encrusted with what used to be finger flesh, but I have no clue how to clean it.


What famous person do you look like?  I think Brian looked like Penn Gillette before he cut his hair.  Vic reminds me of the guy on Stargate Atlantis.  I looked like Pitts at one time.  Who is Pitts?  He was one of the minor characters in Dead Poets.  That is not really saying much, but I remember seeing the movie and feeling oddly uncomfortable looking at someone who looked like me. 


Jenn wants to run a half marathon.


Ethan and I are working on the Three Pigs.


I feel like I am in a fog.  Time keeps on slippin’ slippin’ slippin’ into the future. 


The really cool birds are starting to migrate again, no eagles though.


I keep thinking that if I continue typing something inspiring will come out.  Hmmm…still typing….still typing.  Nothing yet.  Why are you still reading this?  Walk away slowly.  Nothing to see here.

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6 comments on “Just keep moving…nothing to see

  1. Ben, when I first got to Bethany, it took me a couple of days before I realized that you and Brian were two different people. I thought you looked alike at the time: tall, funny, sarcastic. Then one of you (I think Brian) shaved his beard, and I could tell you apart. And I thought Vic looked like Anton LeVay. ‘Course, I was a Republican fundimentalist back then, so I was so obviously confused about so many things!

  2. A good way to clean a keyboard is to get a can of air with the red straw like nozzle, some rubbing alcohol, and some Q-Tips or a paper towel. Turn off your computer, unplug your keyboard, take it outside your office, or into the office of someone you don’t like. Turn it upside down, and blast the air inbetween all the keys for about 10 seconds or so. Return to your office, and use Q-tips or the paper towel dipped in the rubbing alcohol to rub on each key until its clean. Do not spill or drip the alcohol into your keyboard. Then replug, turn on and wala!

  3. I *did* look like Penn Gillette, before the hairloss. I look more like Gerard Depardieu, now. And that aint a good thing.


  4. Talon-thanks for the input!!! My keyboard has never been as dirty as it is now. amazing what happens when you move in with people that have other concerns.

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