In Star Trek TNG, they introduced the world to the idea of the holodeck.  In the holodeck, the user was basically a god.  They could conjure up a world of their choosing and create virtual people that would act on their every whim.  TNG had an occasional character named Barkley that was addicted to this medium.  I always thought that he was an implausible character.  Why?  Because if there ever was such a technology, why would *anyone* leave?  We are all Barkley!  “Hmmm…shall I test PowerFAIDS code all day or hmmm…perhaps be a god.  Yep a god it is!  I seriously doubt any of us could turn down the ability to be omnipotent.

And yet, that is the very core of my faith.  God, the creator of the universe, choose to set aside omnipotence to experience being cold, hungry, dirty, sick…  You name it, he felt it.  Flesh and blood just like me.  I am more amazed that God choose to become human in the first place than the fact that 33 years later he agreed to be executed. 

Anyway, today is Ash Wednesday.  I hope that this season brings me closer to the person God wants me to be.

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4 comments on “Amazed

  1. I think we are already there. I talk to people here, and they have no life, all they talk about is this TV show or that TV show. It’s sort of depressing.

    Suppose that the choice was between saving Ethan from hell or staying in the holodeck?

    You’re on your way, we can tell, keep the faith brother.
    Phil 1:4-6

  2. Yes. I also like this about God. In fact, when I think about why I accepted God, it had very little to do with the fear of hell or the desire for heaven. The sheer attractiveness of a God who would be willing to leave the holodeck just to hang out with me, even when he really knew better, that attractiveness is hard to resist.

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