So tomorrow is Ash Wednesday.  One of the things I really like about belonging to a mainline denomination is the special emphasis they put on Lent/Easter.   The added spiritual discipline really helps to get me out of my complacency and give more focus to my relationship with Christ. 


This year in particular I am looking forward to a time of renewal.  I have been working so many hours that my faith has been swirling around the turlet bowl.  I need to need God.  Unfortunately of late, I have been mostly ambivalent.  Somehow Ash Wednesday just does something.  I do not know what, it just does.


Wow that really makes no sense.  Brain hurts…peace out.

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4 comments on “Tuesday

  1. So I see you’re giving up lard??! Wow, that’s a hard one…. seriously though, are you giving up anything. I was thinking of giving up coffee, but here I sit in a coffee shop drinking my tripple tall extra-dry cappuccino. Oh, well….

    I understand what you mean about needing to need God. It’s so easy in America to simply be because we hardly have to work for anything. We’re not starving. But we are starving spiritually for him and for answers to life’s pain and trials. He alone can bring hope and peace for our souls. Cling to him.

    Happy Ash Wednesday and a blessed start to the Easter season!

  2. Hey welcome back! I am expecting a long blog with pictures about your trip.

    I am still debating what to give up. I like to give up a bad habit and take on a good one. I am taking on a study developed by my church. It is a 30 minute study for all of Lent. As to what to give up, I am leaning towards sweets, candy specifically. Which is no small task since every desk in my office is covered with candy bars and other sugary sweets.

    Anyway welcome back!

  3. As to the Lard…bad joke…Lard/Fat…Tuesday…Fat Tuesday

    I know it is a bad joke if you have to explain it. I think on weird tangents.

  4. I got the lard… Mardi Gras! Fat Tuesday! I went to a parent meeting at my kids’ school last night, and my fifth grader’s teacher was passing out almond roca for Fat Tuesday. I even dressed in Mardi Gras colors, and prayed for the people of New Orleans. Brian still owes me some beads, though…

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