Stop the world, I want to get off

Some days I just want to say stop to the world.  I wish I could turn away from the news, but I feel compelled to “know what is going on.”  Right, like I have any clue what people’s true motives are.  I am not even sure I fully understand my own motives.

Today in particular the Shiite/Sunni violence is bothering me.  It would be easy to stand in judgment of them were the Protestants and Catholics not for the decades of warring off and on in Ireland. 

Stop.  I just wish it would stop.  Killing in the name of God, no matter your ilk, is just repulsive.  I know first hand that religious sentiments can spark heated debate, just read some of my blogs.  But all this is getting us nowhere.  Never has.  Yet we just keep doing it.

I am not sure I get it.  I think Jesus himself tried boil it down to its core components.  Love God and love your neighbor.  I am quite sure neither I nor the rest of the planet are doing a very good job of it. 

I just wish it would stop.

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4 comments on “Stop the world, I want to get off

  1. Sometimes I wonder why God allows this. I understand that He lets men have their choice, and sin has corrupted the world, but I see the pictures of the people, especially the children, that were just trying to live their lives, and now that life is taken from them, or they are seriously injured, and you wonder how God could stand it. I’d want to vaporize those responsible and instantly heal the innocent and stop the nonsense.
    Last night we saw a guy fall on his bicycle. I am quite sure he was drunk. We stopped to make sure he was ok, and traffic started to come so we moved on. I drove a little way and then Leslie made it clear to me that he was hurt and bleeding, so I turned around, but he was gone. I feel really bad that I hadn’t just pulled over and stopped then. I always have a first aid kit and have taken more first aid classes than I can count. It is just so easy to not think about those around us as being important to God.
    I am sorry it is happening, but I think it is a good thing that it bothers you, I think you are getting in tune with God’s heart. I am sure it bothers him too.
    I wish it would stop. Someday.

  2. This interesting, I haven’t been watching the news, but that area of the world has been weighing heavy on my heart this week. Often during the day week, I will stop and pray for peace, pray God’s Holy Spirit to move across that region like it never has before, and I pray for dreams and visions of Jesus.

    I also read this morning in John where Jesus washed the disciples feet and then commanded us to do the same.

    Nuff said, I am feeling a little to convicted right now.

  3. One thought–they’re not warring much in Ireland any more. Thirty years ago, that problem seemed as impossible to address as the Palestinian or Iraqi problems seem right now. It’s not completely done, of course, but the consequences–a lot fewer people dying–are enormously better. History is not merely a cautionary tale; sometimes it demonstrates that hope and hard work pay off.

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