Katrina and the Waves

My alter ego is about to emerge.  Or perhaps I am about to put my alter ego away.  In any case, it happened today.  I came in at 6:50 this morning and the sun was already up.  I am done for the day and after I post this blog, I will go home.  The sun is still up.


This means grumpy lazy grouchy angry Ben will be replaced my funny optimistic cheerful Ben.  I am not crazy, just solar powered.  OK, who am I kidding I am crazy, but I will be crazy and happy at the same time.


Interestingly enough, I hate to be in the sun.  I burn very easily.  I just like knowing it is out there, as I travel from house, to car, to work, to car, to house every day.


Gotta run…I am going to go streaking. 

By Ben Posted in Life

4 comments on “Katrina and the Waves

  1. “Gotta run…I am going to go streaking. ” -Ben

    Now that is a visual I could have done without for the rest of my life!

  2. What you need to do is move to Colorado. We get a lot of sun.
    Of course then you will need a personal humidifier to carry with you wherever you go, but nothings perfect.
    Ahh spring, the flowers bloom, the bees buzz, the Bens streak. All is right with the world.

  3. Hope you had a great afternoon. I understand what you mean about the sun, though… I’m the same way about the ocean. I don’t really have to go to the beach all the time, but just knowing that it’s nearby helps me cope with the day to day stresses.

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