Maybe it will be OK

I heard in a sermon once that every life has moments of consolation and moments of desolation. Today, I am experiencing the former.

Ethan had a birthday party to attend. His friend Giancarlo was turning 5. As is often the case at kids parties, the parents engage in awkward conversation. Today’s was further complicated by the fact that Jenn and I were the only ones in the room who could not speak Spanish. But Ethan was having a ball.

About an hour into the party, a man arrived that I recognized as being one of the other fathers in Ethan\’s preschool. He and I had kind of hit it off at orientation.

Anyway, he made a bee-line for us and we spoke for most of the rest of the party. He encouraged us to sign Ethan up for soccer.

Over the course of the next hour, I noticed that Ethan was running around with two other boys, Amarilli and Luis (the son of the man we were chatting with).

The dad leans over and says to me, \”you know they are the three musketeers?\” Apparently he picks his son up from school and they are always hanging out. I was aware they were friends but not \”Three Musketeers\” good. Then he asks what kindergarten Ethan is going to. We are half way between two schools. When we say Sterling, he says, \”well Luis was going to go to Rolling Ridge, but I don\’t want to break up the boys, Sterling it is.\”

I nearly swallowed my gum. Because of his disabilities, I have always been concerned that Ethan might be socially ostracized. This was the best news I have gotten this year.

I am basking in my moment of consolation. God is indeed good.

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One comment on “Maybe it will be OK

  1. I am glad though not surprised, he seems like such a great kid, how could anybody help but like him? Seems obvious that he has inherited your ability to make friends, you have the ability to connect with people and develop a close relationship. It is rare in guys especially, glad to know you passed it on. I always knew you’d be a good dad.

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