I watched this documentary last night made by Frontline on the Meth epidemic.  Usually TV does not stick with me.  It is in one ear and out the other.  But this show has seared my consciousness. 

What really struck me was that once someone has used meth, they are never quite the same.  The drug fries there brain.  It so over stimulates your brain that you are not able to enjoy life’s simple pleasures any more.  Here is a quote from the show:

…for example, in lab experiments done on animals, sex causes dopamine levels to jump from 100 to 200 units, and cocaine causes them to spike to 350 units. \”[With] methamphetamine you get a release from the base level to about 1,250 units, something that\’s about 12 times as much of a release of dopamine as you get from food and sex and other pleasurable activities,\” …

They estimate there are somewhere around 1.2 million addicts.  Can you imagine the population of a mid-sized city unable to experience joy? 

I could endure almost any kind of hardship, if I knew it wouldn’t last.  But I cannot fathom being in your 20s and knowing that without drugs, you will never feel happy again.

I know to some extent people bring this on themselves, but once they are there, what do you do with them?  Not to mention the innocent victims: the children, family, and community.

At times I want to be the world’s crusader.  But this, it just makes me sad and I am not sure there is a pickin’ thing I can do about it.

By Ben Posted in Life

4 comments on “Disturbing

  1. So I am listening to “Don’t worry, be happy” and read this.
    Maybe we could hook these guys up with Bobby McFerrin?

    Actually the answer would be to reformulate Sudafed to have a dopamine blocker. I mean, when you are sick, you feel like crap anyway, you aren’t really going to get much good out of sex or anything else, so you won’t really know. And the meth people won’t get the kick out of it.

    Of course now that sets the standard for sex. Wow, that was a 250. Or, sorry honey, that only hit 102. Kind of sounds like bowling actually. If you don’t get strikes you can’t break 100. A perfect game is a 300. The bigger your ball the better the chance of scoring big. Keep it out of the gutter. Man amazing the similarities. Maybe that’s the problem, what it takes to have really good sex you need special shoes and wrist guards.
    Sorry went off track there. And people wonder why we don’t just legalize drugs.

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