Not for the faint of heart

It is lucky for the people who make Lotrimin that their jock itch ointment also cures athlete’s foot.  No man would buy it if it said cures the ITCHies on your boys.  But men buy it because the package comes with a picture of a big foot that says

cures athlete’s foot

and Jock Itch. 


What picture would they put on the cover if it only cured Jock Itch?


P.S.  Don\’t say I didn\’t warn you.

By Ben Posted in Life

3 comments on “Not for the faint of heart

  1. ok… that was something I didn’t know: athlete’s foot and jock itch are the same bacteria? It makes me really wonder what you guys are doing in the shower to get it in both those places. Although maybe this is useful information if Daniel and Alex ever need this (Daniel is entering middle school next year).

    Something tells me, Ben, that when you talk about your “boys”, and I talk about “my boys”, we’re discussing different, although somewhat related topics, hmmmm????

  2. I’m saying you didn’t warn me. When did you warn me?
    I haven’t had that issue in awhile. A little Gold Bond in the boxers every am, not a problem.
    There would be a picture of a guy with a big smile of relief on the front.
    Way to go Judi. The next blog will be on what guys do in the shower.

  3. What’s especially interesting to me is that I shared a shower regularly (not at the same time of course, but I think you get what I mean!), with FOUR very smelly dirty athletic brothers for most of my childhood, and in that time, even tho this product was their best friend as I recall, I never ONCE got athlete’s foot. So what does this say? Does it say my mother’s housekeeping was superb? Highly doubt it. Does it say that girls just don’t GET foot fungi? Not probable. Or does it say that it is because of OTHER things boys do in the shower are the very things that CAUSE the fungus?!?!?! Now that’s worth a study, don’t you think?

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