Republicans love the Devil; Democrats are pure of heart.

This is a purely inflamitory headline to get Tim blogging again.

Cobbler is the devil\’s snack. 

Football is for sissys.

By Ben Posted in Life

4 comments on “Republicans love the Devil; Democrats are pure of heart.

  1. Tim has been absorbed into Arkansas culture. His IQ has dropped 75 points and he can’t figure out how to use the keyboard anymore. Yes, it’s true. He’s turned into a Democrat. Pure of heart, pure of head.

    Republicans don’t love the devil. They emulate him, but they don’t really love anybody. That takes a heart.

    I have this strange feeling that Tim is cheating on us, blogging with others, or worse yet, actually talking to people face to face.

  2. Tim?? Turn into a Democrat??? This I gotta see! I agree with the rest of what you say, Kevin, but I can not picture my dear OLD brother being a Democrat.

    Timmy!!! Where are you??? If you don’t start blogging again soon, I’m going to start telling these guys all the really embarrassing tales from your childhood!!

    Put down the spoon, the cobbler can wait… we miss our fundamentalist Republican friend!!! (Did I really just say that???) OMG I better go!!!

  3. Okay, okay I am here. And here we go..

    Football is not for sissys it is for luanatics! No the difference, oh and the Broncos and Jake the Fake suck (hehehe)!

    I have not been absorbed into the Arkansas culture, I am still a misplaced Californian (How do I know, I went to the locksmith today to have some keys made and when he gave them to me I said “That’s awesome, thanks.” And he gave me that look that says, “Your not from around here are you?”) Also if you ask Judi, she would tell you my IQ has always been 75

    I am still too mean-spirited to become a Democrat, sorry.

    And if you say anything about bad about cobbler again you are gonna find out how “Mean-spirited” this fundamental, evangelical, neo-pentecostal, right-winged, Republican can get!!

    Oh and thanks, it is niced to be missed, even if it is by some Democrats

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