Dot dot dot

I love and constantly use and misuse the ellipse.  Well maybe I don’t misuse it as bad as I think.  Judi, please chime in.  According to most of the online sources I have checked, ellipses are meant to convey missing words or incomplete sentences.


This is how my mind works.  Especially when I am blogging.  Ideas are competing at a furious pace to be expressed.  I am too inadequate of a writer to convey everything that I am thinking…like just there.  I want to say something, but the thoughts are not in a coherent stream, so I leave out much of what I am thinking.  No other punctuation comes close to expressing this problem. 


So until I become a better writer, I will continue to use my friend the ellipse. 


Which reminds me…oh, nevermind.

By Ben Posted in Life

7 comments on “Dot dot dot

  1. Is that an incorrect use of the ellipse(sp?)? I overuse them sooo much they’re like,…well, ….like….I don’t know! Just very overused!

  2. I’ve harrassed many a paralellogram.
    I’ve even frustrated a parabola.
    I’ve cosine waved the best of em,
    But I’ve never overused an ellipse.

    And they say listening to Queen wouldn’t help me writing lyrics. They was right.


  3. I LOVE ELLIPSES!!! Three is my favorite number, so it’s absolutely perfect… and so pointy, too. 🙂

    You don’t overuse ellipses, Ben. If you did I’d make smart-aleck comments about it, you know.

    I, on the other hand, overuse both ellipses and smileys, but I’m ok with that. I have many abuse problems, and this is one that does me no harm.


  4. The ellipse is online shorthand for “stop and ponder what I just said, for a moment. It may have a double meaning, or worse yet, relevance.”

    LOL is online shorthand for “don’t take anything I just said too seriously because sarcasm doesn’t translate well online and I don’t want you to think I’m really mad at you, you flamin’ bastards from hell lol.”

    I never LOLed. Then I met Ben. This has all changed now.



  5. I always thought that the ellipse meant they left out a bad word. I just thought you swore alot Ben.
    I don’t lol. Most lol’s make me want to kill something. Most are so insincere. They lol you and want you to go away.
    I thought j/k was the shorthand for I’m insulting you but I really like you I just feel like making you feel I think you are a worthless turd and then pulling it out of the toilet because I am being sarcastic.

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