Shundama Ky

I started writing a blog about how prison might not be that bad if it weren’t for the company and the rape, but that was going nowhere.


Jenn and Ethan are back now, so my life has returned to normal.


Work is busy because we are kicking off a new project (a good busy).  The main release for the year went out last Friday!


I have writers block.  This is boring, so I will close.

By Ben Posted in Life

7 comments on “Shundama Ky

  1. You’re right. You *are* indeed dull. But life is back to normal and you’re not blogging about prison & rape. Glad to hear. Oh. And tell ’em Large Marge sent ya.


  2. Brian on the other hand has a mushroom colored office, so he is Mr Exciting!

    I heard that they did a study and that rape is not as common in prison as most people think. If you go to prison there is definitely a chance that you won’t get raped. At least not every day anyway.

    So did they bring you anything from California? An nice pair of Sir fur slippers or anything?

  3. LOL…gifts…you jest

    I need to think that there is rape in prison. Otherwise I would want to go. Solitary confinement with books…is there a downside…jist of what I was writing

  4. I am sure you would love Sir fur slippers!! Ethan told him,” Get out cat!!!” But you could tell he wanted to wrestle with him. Jenn picked him up and threw him out. The cat, that is.

    Just ask cousin David about prison.

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