Life at room temperature

I am convinced that if I did not have a wife and family, I would be rather dull.  Jenn and Ethan are still in California.  I am still at work.  I got here at 6 this morning…it is 6:37 now.  And I am not even upset about it.  I like working.  It drives me crazy sometimes, but it is fun being the undisputed expert on a silly obscure little software product.


I have had 3 career aspirations in my life.  None of them have anything to do with my life now.


I wanted to be a pastor/missionary.  But I was never serious enough about my faith.


I wanted to be a comedian.  But I always knew people who were much funnier than me.


I wanted to own a used record store.  Not much market for that now.


But what I have now is good.  My life is partly cloudy with patches of sunshine.  I am never as happy as I was in my twenties, but I am never as depressed as I was in my twenties.  I sometimes envy people who have a calling or talent.  But I am comfortable in my own skin.  I am used to my shortcomings.


I sometimes wonder in my Prozac bathed brain, would it be worth being really depressed to have one more crazy carefree night?  Probably not.


Revelation 3:16

By Ben Posted in Life

2 comments on “Life at room temperature

  1. I’ve had a few aspirations in life. None of them have ever come to be, and none of them has anything to do with my current career.

    (1) I wanted to be a linguist. Take a degree in linguistics; become an interpreter of obscure scripts & tongues. I’m still interested in the field, and pick up obscurities like Tututni/Tolowa language from the Pacific coast. All in the name of geekdom.

    (2) I want to be a cartoon voiceover artist. Trouble is, I can only do about 4 voices. Oh. And I have no talent. But I watch cartoons just to hear the voices. Mel Blanc is my hero.

    (3) I want to write an excellent work of fiction. This still may happen. Except I write in jerks-and-spasms that aren’t really conducive to assembling a nice long manuscript.

    That’s about it. It’s sad to see some of them pass by, you know; When I married I knew this was the end of my chance to ever become a linguist. Would I trade that opportunity for my family? Never. Still; sometimes you gotta wonder how things might have been. Probably far worse. Tim & I wouldn’t be seen together devouring 6 pounds of tri-tip on any given holiday, otherwise. Not to mention the cobbler.


  2. I always thought you would be a great pastor, but I know it is a tough life. And hard on marriages and wives and kids. It takes plenty of faith for what you and Jenn and Ethan faith, so I wouldn’t discount your faith too much. I admire you.

    I know alot of comedians that are way less funny than you. Like they say, it ain’t what ya got, it’s how you use it that matters.

    I miss the used record store too. You could still do it, but it would have to be a front for drugs or something

    I think maybe I should try Prozac. I am never as happy as I was in my twenties, but I am often more down than I ever was in my twenties. (Though I wouldn’t go backl) But I still expect me to be better, and hope I grow up to be something worthwhile.
    Brian, don’t give up on the linguist thing, you could combine that with number 3 and be like Tolkien. Actually you could make it into a cartoon and do all three!

    I wish I knew what I wanted to be. I am singularly lacking in dreams/aspirations as well as ambition. Though I once heard a man on the street reporter ask this lady a question about what she would do if she won the lottery or something. She answered that she would like to live somewhere warm with someone attractive so she could get “laid well and often”. How’s that for an aspiration?

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