Wild and Crazy Bachelor

Jenn and Ethan are out in California for the week.  This is a good thing because I have a software release going out at the end of the week.  I am not always the most pleasant person to be around during release weeks.


After yesterday’s day from Ghenna, I went home at 7:00.  There was nothing on TV.  So I ate dinner and went to bed at 8.


I am the wild and crazy bachelor.

By Ben Posted in Life

4 comments on “Wild and Crazy Bachelor

  1. Larabars, another reason it is better to give than to receive.

    They yelled at you and you stayed til seven? I think that was a good reason to take off early and hit a movie or something.

    So now we gotta come up with things for you to do tonight. Exciting things.

    Take Sonia shoe shopping.
    Go to the health food store and sample protein bars. Find one that tastes worse than the Larabar. Buy a box and every time Sonia gives you a Larabar, you give her one of those.
    Hit Office Max and see if you can find the super deluxe Swingline.Drool over it. Ask the salesperson to take your picture with it.
    Put on a pair of shorts, a muscle shirt and an overcoat. Walk around smiling at people. Always keep one hand in your pocket.
    Take pictures of everyone that comes in and out of your building that looks like they are headed to or came from (was it the eleventh floor) the General’s place.
    Go to the IMAX. See Roving Mars. Cry uncontrollably, blubbering about being homesick. Say things like “Look there Jamar’s house!”
    Go to the nearest mall with a food court when the place is fairly empty. Get your food and then ask somebody that is in the middle of a bunch of empty tables if you can sit there since the place is SO crowded. If they say, well that one is empty, look at them funny and say “That table is full, I see four chairs and four people sitting in them”
    Go to the grocery store and buy wierd food combinations, like a cheesecake and bottle of hot sauce. Invite the clerk over for a “meal just like Mom used to make!” Tell them it’s BYOP “Bring your own preparation H”

    Ok, I gotta get to work. Anybody else have ideas?

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