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5 comments on “Shame

  1. Ode to Joy (pervert edition)

    I love your feet,
    they are so fine,
    I want to taste them all them time.
    I need to make a little treat
    That tastes just like your feet so sweet.
    Oh Lara dear, what can I say
    I need your feet all through my day
    And this perfection I must share
    So all can find that joy is there.
    And so a bar I will create
    my desire I will hope to sate
    And revel in the joy that flows
    from out between your little toes.

    This portion translated from the original Slovakian by Sorda Slohear

  2. Comments about feet make make Jesus cry.

    If I spill my coffee filter, does that mean you’re standing on holy grounds?

    And I know that there is coffee all around.


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