Screw Up

I am licking self inflicted wounds today; waiting for the other shoe to drop.  Last Friday we had to send an emergency software patch to the field.  I found out Sunday that it caused a new bug.  This is the kind of crap they fire people over.  I know who caused the problem, but the responsibility ultimately lies on my shoulders.

I am going to get chewed out.  Then I am going to have to chew out my staff.

Oh for those High School days where my biggest concern was wondering whether or not Julie Johannson liked me (she didn’t).

Tomorrow I will move on…today I will wallow in self pity…and possibly break something.

By Ben Posted in Life

4 comments on “Screw Up

  1. Did Julie Johannson turn out to be gay?

    Sorry about the mishap. I’d yell at your staff for you, but thankfully, I’m enjoying my idiot-free group of workers at the moment and I don’t have the time.


  2. Good idea, maybe firing somebody would make you feel better.

    Julie, Steph, Tammy, whatever that girls name was that slept with the Wham guy, Karen or something? You had as much luck with women in high school that I had. It was God’s way of protecting our virginity.

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