Evil Chuckle

Randy Newman wrote a musical version of Faust.  There is one song in particular that causes me to laugh every time I hear it.  It is *so* wrong on multiple levels…but I still laugh.  It is the best pop theology since Janice Joplin\’s \”Mercedes Benz.\”

Here is an excerpt:

Angel Child: It must be very trying to be bad all the time

Vicious and cruel and mean

When there\’s so much beauty

All around us to be seen

And so very little time in which to see it all

And feel it all

So little time

Perhaps when you were little

No one held you in their arms

And told you that they loved you very much

Perhaps you were embittered

By your fall from grace


Devil: How long have you been dead?


Angel Child: Two Months


Devil: Do you miss your friends?


Angel Child: Yes, I miss them

I\’ve tried to make friends here, but it\’s hard


Devil: You were a good girl

Cut down in your prime


Angel Child: Yes


Devil: The man who shot you in the head

In that \’Burger King in Tucson

Well, he never will be punished you know

He will move to Big Pine, California

Become the richest man in Inyo County

While that may not be much, it\’s enough

When he dies

Sixty-five years from today

With his loved ones all around him

He\’ll be whisked right up to heaven

He won\’t pass go or have to wait

He\’ll just march right through the !**! gate

And why, you may ask yourself why

For thousands and thousands of years

I have asked myself why

By Ben Posted in Life

4 comments on “Evil Chuckle

  1. In this song, does the Devil “shoot a man in Reno, just to watch him die?” Because that’s not the Devil, thats Johnny Cash.

    I just heard about his Faust opera recently. Is it any good? Share MP3s….


  2. Johhny Cash. Dressed in black, sang songs about shooting people, money is the root of all evil, sounds like the Devil in DISGUISE! Wake up and smell the coffee!

    I just read an article about the NSA moving to Denver. They are building a data center that will manage the equivalent of the amount of data in the library of Congress every two days. Think about that? And they say they are just recording certain people with certain overseas emails or conversation? Bull. They are taking all this down, and one day, they will be coming back to get you all. Buhwahhahahhahahhhaha. You are all DOOMED! Wait so am I since I am on your friend list. Damn. I am going down too. Well, in that case can you not send me those copyrighted files too?

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