Today on Little Einsteins

I asked Ethan what I should blog about today. He said little einsteins. So here goes.

This is perhalps one of the most evil show on television. First of all the four children in this show travel the galaxy without parental supervision. Often th children narrowly escape being eaten by beasts, falling to their death, or crushed.

They fly around in a bewitched toy rocket that mysteriously grew large enough to hold five passengers. It also magically escavated a hanger for itself beneth the home of these abandoned children.

But worst of all, these children each have hidden “talents.” They sing, conduct, and play instraments. But get this: it is all secular music. They call it classical. Do not be decieved.

I did not want to mention this last part, but I feel I must. One of the children’s special “talents” is…dancing! Why not just come right out and call her a prostitute?!

I share this with you so you can protect your own children. Ethan has been adequitly beaten and sent to bed without dinner.I am going to go read Guidepost. I suggest you go do the same.

By Ben Posted in Life

8 comments on “Today on Little Einsteins

  1. Guidepost? That tool of the devil? They quote versions other then God’s own version. For you heathen that would be the KJV.
    Oooohhh I feel so unclean. I am going to have to go put on my bath clothes and bathe 7 times. I mention the bath clothes lest you perverts think I am one of you and bathe without adequate covering.
    Do thyself no harm, do thyself no harm. There is no hymn like an old slightly obscure hymn, especially one with dubious meaning.

    I have to say if they were the spawn of the devil, I would recommend my brother-in-laws kid for that show, he has a talent that would make any monster gag and run away. And he’s not even 2 yet.
    Packing in the shorts, packing in the shorts, we will come rejoicing, packing in the shorts.

  2. Did we miss our little nappie, Ben? Hmm?

    You should go back & read the scripture that can *really* speak to the situation:

    “We can dance if we want to
    We can leave your friends behind
    ‘Cause your friends don’t dance
    and if they don’t dance
    Well they’re no friends of mine.”

    Hopes this clears thing up for you.


  3. …and neither the hats shalt they wear. And there slew they the goats, yea, and placed they the bits in little pots.

    Here endeth the lesson.


  4. Kevin, I hope you are using a dressing gown while changing into your bathing clothes, lest you see your naughty parts while changing.

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