The 11th Floor

I went to the movie Munich with the guys last night.  Luckily I had a couple of beers before seeing it.  Because I think it would have been a long 3 hours without a light buzz.  Long story short:  It is hard to make assassins sympathetic characters (funny maybe, but not sympathetic).  But that is not what I am writing about.


I am writing about conspiracies.  Munich was an excellent catalyst.  If you live in the DC Metro area, you are used to seeing big buildings with no signage.  You are used to having friends that have jobs you know nothing about.  When these same friends are out of town on travel, they can’t say where.  They can’t really say why.


Then there is the 11th floor in my building.  You can only get to the 11th floor with a key.  I have seen bits of the 11th floor because I was not paying attention when and I got on an UP elevator instead of a DOWN.  It went straight to the 11th floor.  The person getting on the elevator, looked at me suspiciously and then we road down.  We did not chit chat.  All I could see from the elevator was that the corridors are all made of marble.  My floor is cheap industrial carpet.


Ah…then there are the limos.  Black limos pull up daily.  People with security details come in the building.  There guards have earpieces and wear suits.  And General Henry Shelton works on the 11th floor.  He is the former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.


Now this all may be innocent military contracting.  But having the crazy paranoid mind I have, you just never know.  I think they may be planning a world wide fluoridation campaign.  This will no doubt corrupt our bodily essence.  And if you don’t have Purity of Essence, what have you got?


Gotta go.  The voices are calling.  La la la la.

By Ben Posted in Life

3 comments on “The 11th Floor

  1. So I looked up good ol’ Shel. It’s worse than you thought. He is on the board of directors of Anheuser-Busch. He’s also a director at Red Hat. And at Anteon Int. a company that provides a host of services to government agencies that deal in National Sercurity, like the NSA, Dept of Homeland Security, and most sinister of all, the USPS.
    They have probably monitored your blog, and now you are in their sites. Run man, run. Don’t look back. Change your name, become a Buddhist monk and move to Tibet. Quick before it is too late!
    Is that his real hair? Next time you see him could you ask?

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