Tastes like a foot

My friend Sonia at work wanted me to try these power bars that she loves.  I did.  It tastes like a foot.  And not a particularly well groomed foot.

By Ben Posted in Life

4 comments on “Tastes like a foot

  1. And stuff that taste like feet arrrrrrrrrrrrre… Bad?

    Laura Zichterman always said that peas taste like feet. And Laura, as we all know, was always right.


  2. I wanna know how you know what feet taste like?

    Well, no, maybe I don’t.

    If you are ever trapped by a blizzard in a mountain pass in Colorado with Sonia, don’t let her near your feet. Her last name isn’t Packer by any chance?

  3. So WHY PRETELL, is a POWER bar called LARA? Does the creator of this bar have something to share with the class? Oh, for the love of Pete….WHY do people even bother with those things?!?!? And why is LARA so powerful anyways?

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