Enemy Vanquished

Friday was a weird day.  I found out that the person who has caused me untold grief is, “leaving the company to spend more time with her kids.”  When she told me, I was at a loss for words.  I ended up saying something lame like “I understand.”  I am not a good actor.


Here is the thing…nobody quits there job to spend more time with their kids.  People go to work to get away from their kids.  Then they go home to get away from their coworkers.  It is a vicious cycle.


I suppose I should be happy, but life doesn’t get better by getting rid of idiots.  It gets better because you have friends to make fun of the idiots.

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6 comments on “Enemy Vanquished

  1. Aaamen.

    I saw *Office Space.* I can now say that I heard reference to the word “Tchochke’s” twice in one day. And, I have a whole new way of coping at work (though I wouldn’t recommend setting fire to the damn place).

    “I was looking at the squirrels, outside the window, and they were married….”


  2. I have to say though, I slightly disagree, I think it would depend on whether you got to get rid of the idiot yourself. Just think, if you had been chosen to TELL her that she was fired and to go spend time with her kids, it would have brightened your day. Even if only briefly.

    I go to work to get a break from my wife. She is not a bad person, she is just, well, sorta pushy. I admit I am a hard person to live with too.

    I go home because there isn’t anywhere else. An offshoot of the fact that I don’t drink, I think. If you drink you can always stop at the bar for a beer with the boys. If you don’t drink you have no excuse. I spend a lot of time in the garage.

    I had to look tchotchke up. I hate tchotchkes.

  3. Ok, after we are done killing the deer and making Brian a new robe, we’ll swing by your place and build something to hide in. How about a bomb shelter? I’ve always wanted a bomb shelter myself. Not a crummy one, but a good one, with a hot tub, a theater, nice kitchen, Craftmatic adjustable bed, maybe a small jail cell for the mutants that you catch after the big one drops and before you have them trained to do your evil bidding.

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