Stressed out

Today is one of those days that I am just marking time.  There is motion and activity but no purpose.


Ethan had another invasive test yesterday.  I had to hold him down while a nurse inserted a catheter.  The room was full of people all huddled around him.


It is difficult for me as a parent to watch this sometimes.  I know that the pain is necessary, but I wonder what crap like this is doing to him psychologically.  I mean after all teach him to keep other people clear of his “private” parts.  Then for medical reasons this rule is routinely violated.  What the hell am I doing to his head?


The test was to see why he still has problems with leaking.  Turns out he has bladder/kidney reflux.  Add that to the list.


So anyway, I am stressed out and not particularly productive.  This too shall pass.

By Ben Posted in Life

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