Bird Church


I missed church today.  Ethan had a cough this morning and was complaining of a headache.  Two of Jenn’s choirs were singing, so I stayed home.  After a little Children’s Tylenol, he was fine.

While he was busy building a TV out of a diaper box, construction paper, masking tape, and a pair of scissors, I had a chance to do my favorite activity. 

I brewed a pot of coffee and watched the birds out the window.  I know this sounds very geriatric, but I have really started to enjoy feeding and watching the birds.  Believe it or not, it is really relaxing.

The morning started off with a woodpecker.  There is a pair somewhere in the neighborhood.  The just eat the suet.  We briefly had a blue jay, but he did not stay long.  Then a pair of cardinals started eating.  They were there quite some time.  Then we had a zillion finches eating out of the thistle socks.  During my last cup of coffee the morning doves came by.  They were chased off by the neighborhood cat Dusty.

I poor substitute for church to be sure.  But sometimes I just like being still and looking at God’s handiwork.

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4 comments on “Bird Church

  1. I see you spent your time reading from God’s other good book…creation. Dr. Winter often says that praise and prayer God don’t always have to come in the forms we normally recognize them in.

    I spent my time in church this morning, I had to, I preached this morning. It was a simple message really, but I think very profound…God wants you, really wants you. Not for your skills or abilities, not because of your pedigree or station in life. He just wants you. The Creator of the Universe wants you, not because you have been bad and not because He desires to use you as a tool in His hand, He just simply wants you and me. He thinks you and I are cool. How does our view of things change when we realize that the Creator Himself wants us?

  2. Sounds like a wonderful time of worship. By the way, according to Brian, every morning starts off with a woodpecker… (sorry, had to lighten the mood a little bit, and you know that ALL of you were thinking it!!!) ;)jac

  3. Tim…I would like to think that God occasionally grabs a cup of coffee and just enjoys watching us.

    Judy…I am really sorry to hear about Brian’s unfortunate prosthetic. Are splinters a problem? Oh wait that was an adjective not a noun…sorry…never mind.

  4. Ben that wouldn’t surprise me at all, I wonder if He likes Starbucks?

    Okay Judi now there is another mental image I didn’t need!

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