Way too soon!

 I am not sure what to think about something that happened tonight.  I think it is a universal sentiment that all of our parents were idiots, but in my son Ethan’s case it may be an objective fact. 

Ethan (4) has really gotten into this new Disney Channel show, “Little Einsteins”.  It is a series based on the “Baby Einstein” videos that Ethan has loved since he was about one and we first let him see a TV (he has embraced the technology).  Anyway the show has these kids that have adventures set to classical music and use famous works of art as their background.  Ethan faithfully watches the show and then I download any classical music on the show so he learns the “grown up” version.  When I burn the CD, I always reference the show name and then the composer’s name and composition.  Well tonight the show was titled “Magellan” and featured Bizet’s “Carmen.” 

Now this next part I swear I am not making this up.  While he was sitting on the can listening to his tunes he called for out for me.  I came in and he said, “Dad the letters are wrong.”  At first I had no clue what he was talking about.  Then he said it should be “a” not “e”.  I was still not catching on until I look at what he was pointing to.  On the CD, I had spelled Magellan “Magellen”.  He actually caught my misspelling!

When I said, “Oh, Daddy misspelled the word,” a look of horror came over his face followed by riotous laughing. 

I know this look.  I have seen it before.  It is the look people give me when I interview them and they realize that I am an idiot.  I have given the look myself on occasion. 

I have always put the world in two categories:  People who are way smarter than me and idiots (no one is just about as smart as me).  I hope Ethan’s thinking is not quite so binary because I am now afraid of which category, in his estimation, I would fall into.

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3 comments on “Way too soon!

  1. Speaking of kids way smarter than you: 2 brief stories.

    On Sunday, Alex came to me while I was at the computer and asked, “Dad? What’s your favorite organ in the frog?” I wanted to say Hammond or Wurlitzer, but he doesn’t always “get” SnarkDad, so I told him “The cloaca.” He said “Mine too.” And off he went. No brainer. Everybody loves the cloaca.

    Then yesterday, daniel managed to download a 1024 x 768 picture of dog crap, and reset the wallpaper on his computer. “Um, DAD?” He called. “Something happened to the computer.” When I came into the room to repair the crappy monitor, he said “Can we keep it?” as if it was some kind of little pet or something. My answer was, of course…..

    Liz offered to take a picture of cat crap & send it to me, just to complete the collection, but I figure that since we don’t even keep Happy Meal toys, what’s the point? You seen one pile of domestic fecal matter? You’ve seen them all.

    And yes, Ben, they’re all smarter than us and they know it.


  2. So did you ask him why he was laughing? Or were you afraid to go there? My kids delight in seeing me screw up. Children are there to keep us humble. You think people become senile because of some missing protein? Heck no. Their kids cause it. Somehow, I’m not sure how, but I’m sure that someday science will find the link.
    Somehow I don’t picture people thinking you are an idiot, a nutcase maybe, but not stupid. That is the look I always get when I ask my favorite interview question. You have a bear that walks south one mile, east one mile and north one mile and ends up exactly where he started. What is the color of the bear? I say that and you’d think I had started to grow a rhinocerous horn out of my nose. People laugh nervously. They fidget, they are ready to go, so much for this interview.
    But anyway, your best bet is the old “Oh, that’s the spanish spelling” ploy. Admitting you screwed up will just lead to further doubt and humiliation. Or you could always fake blindness and deafness. That could be good too. Son are you there? Can you hear me? Hello?

    My kids are not smarter than me. Mostly. Some anyway. Just remember, age and treachery will win out against youth and enthusiasm.

    McDonalds happy meal toys are a communist plot to overthrow America.

    Cat crap pictures are a dime a dozen. Collect rare animal crap pictures, it’s more rewarding.

  3. the bear is white

    and Ben, I agree with Kevin… I’m sure that NOBODY looks at you and thinks you’re stupid. odd, strange, bizarre, insane… yes, but never stupid. Get used to getting laughed at by your kid, though… they do it more and more as they get older. Now, I tend to laugh at myself just to throw them off track… 🙂

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