A short list of things I am Thankful for













Presidential Term Limits


Health Insurance


Floris UMC



Jets airplanes

Claude Moore Park

By Ben Posted in Life

6 comments on “A short list of things I am Thankful for

  1. A guy name Mike Comer, who taught at Bethany after you graduated, said that his Freshman year in college his dorm room was right above the basketball teams room. They played the same rap song day in and day out. But all he could make out through the floor was “Bomp Bomp bomp bomp bomp bomp bomp…jo mama jo mama jo mama jo mama.” So in effect, it means nothing.

  2. LOL But a good story! So, it is one of those things that have stuck with you.

    Do you remember Jeff Kenney? He graduated with us. Anyway, he had this saying whenever someone dropped something he would say, “I got it!” Then make no move at all to pick up the object the poor soul dropped. Well, I got to saying that too my last year at Bethany and I still do.

    Now, I do not even think about when I do, I just say it! The fact is, most of the time I have to think about not saying it, but every once in awhile it slips out. Of course, I get a big grin and enjoy the moment, but everyone else around me has no idea why I am giggling.

    Ok so that was probably more than you needed or even wanted to know.

  3. Actually I am laughing my head off. I say that too and for the life of me I did not know who or where I had picked that up from.

  4. You know now I don’t feel so wierd. *sniff, sniff* I thought I was the only one, now I know I am not alone!

    Oh this will be the best Thanksgiving ever!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I can’t believe either of you would follow Jeff Kenney’s lead and pick up on his evil Church of God ways…

    Now Jerry Kennedy (AKA Robocop): He’s somebody you should emulate.


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