Wooo Hooo

11/11 5:31pm, I burned the master CD for PowerFAIDS II.  My business owner actually cried.  She was so happy that we got it out the door.

I must say I am relieved beyond belief!  I am looking forward to lapsing into a comma tonight and just raking leaves with Ethan tomorrow. 

Fall on the east coast is really cool.  The whole world turns shades of Yellow, Red and Orange.  Then all of the leaves land in my yard.  I wish it were still legal to burn leaves.  I just like the idea of sitting around in 50′ weather watching the leave slowly burn.  But if I burn leaves, the atmosphere warms and another southern city is destroyed.   Wait Bush came from Texas…

On second thought, I am going to burn hairspray cans.

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4 comments on “Wooo Hooo

  1. The leaves here in Northwest Arkansas have just been incredible. I didn’t know there were so many variations of red, brown and orange. Wow! Although the raking thing sucks! It is kind of worth it, at least this year, give me a few more seasons of this and I will griping about it, but for now it is so cool to look at the window or drive downd the street and see all the colors of fall!

  2. Did you slap her? Tell her to get a hold of herself?
    Geez what is it with these people anyway? How many people will remember PowerFAIDs in even 50 years? My boss acts like it is the end of the world when things are a day or two late. Get a grip.
    Now leaves, those are important. About all we have is evergreens. We have a few sumac and scrub oak, but really those aren’t that pretty. But no leaves to rake. Of course we sort of skip fall here weather wise. Thursday it was 70 degrees. Friday 50, Saturday I don’t think we broke 40. It’s like flippin a switch, summer’s out, winters here.

  3. Leaves are an evil reminder of the outdoors and all that miserable California sunshine. I stay inside as much as possible and pretend it’s winter, or at least that it’s dark outside. It helps my morale *and* my complexion.


  4. Actually everyone in the office thinks she is a nut job. If they ever do a version of “The Office” with a female manager, I will call central casting.

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